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student reflections

Students share their experience with Maruti's Well Within Yoga classes.


I have practiced various forms of yoga for over 40 years and personally know the benefits of all. While all yoga approaches have supported me, no yoga practice has personally benefited me more than the Kripalu approach. This gentle stretching, mindful breathing, and non-judgmental self-acceptance has supported me through very demanding and stressful career years, and later in retirement through unexpected body injuries and physical challenges. I have practiced with Maruti for 15 years.

While I was employed, class sessions guided by Maruti allowed me to release the over-powering stress demands, relax, find my true personal center of gentleness and kindness, and return to work able to actually increase work productivity – really an amazing experience that I was able to produce through my practice.

I am grateful to Maruti for introducing me to new possibilities to improve the quality of my life through my own personal yoga practice. I highly recommend all to experience Maruti’s excellent yoga guidance.

DeAnne M., Madison


Kripalu yoga classes with Maruti are life-affirming and energizing. With a gentle, non-judgmental approach, Maruti conducts the sessions seamlessly. Her guidance has encouraged me to be aware of my own breath and movement, accepting my limitations, but exploring the edges of my capabilities. The focus is not on perfecting postures, but on becoming a part of the process moving toward the postures. I have been in Maruti’s classes for more than 15 years and continue to find them to be a safe place to be quiet, to focus awareness and to experience wholeness.

Margaret T., Madison


Over more than 7 years, Maruti’s gentle yoga has increased my quality of life by reducing my neuromuscular pain. Under her instruction, I was encouraged to embrace each movement at my own comfort level while gently stretching and breathing. Through her guidance, I learned to breathe and stretch my neck, arms, hips and lower spine. I have gained a deeper range of movement that I did not think was possible. I now can sit comfortably in a lotus position – something that was unattainable prior to her gentle yoga instruction. Maruti’s restorative yoga has caused significant improvement in my neuromuscular health and balance. I highly recommend her gentle yoga program.

Phyllis M., Madison


A work colleague suggested that I try Maruti’s yoga class. She claimed that the weekly session improved her health and work productivity, and that it was a particularly effective tool for managing stress. I had never tried yoga before; I had been curious about it, but was not inclined to try it out. I decided to give it a shot. Following that first class session, I noticed enough positive effects to bring me back the next week. That was over ten years ago and I’ve been attending Maruti’s class ever since. The yoga class Maruti leads continues to build on the benefits that impressed me that first day, and has helped me become a healthier, more effective manager.

Scott M., Madison


Maruti's class is wonderful for undoing all the bad things that happen when one sits at a desk on the computer all day. Not only does her class help open the front of my shoulders and strengthen my back, it is also a huge stress reliever.

Before I started yoga, I was having a hard time turning my head around in my car to back out of the driveway. After being in Maruti's class for a few months, I noticed I could turn around farther, and soon I was back to being able to see out the back window completely.

Maruti's class has given me greater body awareness. I find muscles and tissues I didn't know I actually had. And I did not realize until her class that one of my legs is shorter than the other—which helps explain some of my running injuries. I am careful now to pay attention to how a stretch or movement is experienced differently on my right vs. my left, and I will often modify whatever it is that I am doing to help balance my two sides.

—Christine M., Mazomanie


I really appreciate all that Maruti and her yoga classes add to my life. My days are often filled with deadlines, non-stop technology and challenges to balance family and work. In her classes, all of that slips away as she fosters a rewarding practice that nourishes both my mind and body. I’m so pleased that I have had those experiences for more than 15 years, thanks to her excellent teaching.

—Moira H., Middleton


I tried yoga with Maruti for the first time about 9 years ago. After that first session I found that I not only enjoyed the physical aspects of yoga, but the psychological part as well. My core muscle strength has greatly improved, my back feels better and I have improved my flexibility.

Since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease about 2 years ago, I find my yoga sessions are invaluable. There are times after my yoga class when I feel that I don’t even have Parkinson’s disease.

—Mark W., Verona


I have been attending Maruti’s yoga classes for over 10 years. She combines a peaceful presence with wonderful yoga positions that both stretch and calm. I always leave class feeling like a new person.

—Pat C., Madison

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